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Our wines

Campo Viejo's dedication to Rioja winemaking using the most advanced techniques available has allowed us to create modern twists on traditional winemaking methods to deliver progressive styles of Rioja wines that satisfy today’s discerning modern palates.

Rioja Designation of Origin

Rioja wines are covered by the oldest Designation of Origin in Spain. The modern Rioja was born in the late 19th century, establishing a clear link between the name of a product and the place where it was made. This sparked growing concerns among Rioja's grape growers and winemakers who sought to firmly guarantee the quality and authenticity of the wines produced in the region while protecting its identity against "usurpers and counterfeiters."

These concerns were finally addressed with the official recognition of the Rioja Designation of Origin on 6 June 1925, authorising a special bottle seal and the use of the word 'RIOJA' as a collective brand to be put on the labels.

Winemaking Philosophy

The artistry of Rioja in every bottle

We invite you to feel the magic that is born in the Ebro River valley, the home of Campo Viejo. After taking great care of our vines for months, we see thousands of plots suddenly burst into life with vibrant colours and enjoy the wonderful smells of fresh grapes.

Every year our viticulture and winemaking teams carefully select the ideal time to pick the grapes when they are perfectly ripe and of the highest quality. The same devotion is applied to all of the other winemaking processes from grape selection to fermentation and aging, both in oak barrels and bottles, until our wines are perfect moment to be enjoyed.

Meet our winemakers

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