Campo Viejo celebrates the Spanish way of life and believes in a life lived to the fullest, packed with expression, vividness and pasión.

Pasión is a power that turns boredom into joy,

darkness into brightness, nothing into something.

Pasión is that special ingredient that turns average into extraordinary.

a recipe into the gastronomical, a shoe into a dancer, a grape into a masterpiece.

Pasión brings life to life, a way of life the Spanish really know how to enjoy.

To live a better life, just add some pasión.

From simple to extraordinary.

casa pasión

Casa Pasión is the space where wine, art, gastronomy, and music converge to celebrate spontaneity, that distinctive hallmark of our way of life and the spark that ignites our everyday.

Casapasion Inside

mister piro

Creative vision fuses art and wine in the new Campo Viejo Reserva Limited Edition, designedby the artist Misterpiro. This collaboration, expressed through brushstrokes, textures, and colourseloquently articulates the creative driving force common to both realms: PASN.

Mrpiro Inside