Campo Viejo celebrates the Spanish way of life and believes in a life lived to the fullest, packed with expression, vividness and pasión.

Pasión is a power that turns boredom into joy,

darkness into brightness, nothing into something.

Pasión is that special ingredient that turns average into extraordinary.

a recipe into the gastronomical, a shoe into a dancer, a grape into a masterpiece.

Pasión brings life to life, a way of life the Spanish really know how to enjoy.

To live a better life, just add some pasión.

From simple to extraordinary.

Club uncorked

If you want to live a more colourful life, let us show you how. Colourful occasions, tips and tricks to impress your most discerning friends and sneak previews to exclusive events and products. You will find all of this and lots of inspiration to help you live your most colourful version of yourself.

Pasion Uncorked

Streets of colour

The Streets of Colour events share urban art, la pasión for wine, and unique experiences around the world. Discover the Campo Viejo lifestyle live and in real time.

Pasion Streets Color