December 12, 2021
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A World of Colour Expressed Through Wine And Art

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Campo Viejo inspires a life that’s more colourful and invites you to ‘live uncorked’.

We love working with Okuda & Remed – two acknowledged urban artists with a distinctive style – to capture the expressiveness of our wines through urban art.

Winemaking and art have a lot in common. Just like urban artists who use city streets and spray paints to express their vision of a life more colourful, our winemakers use Rioja as their canvas and the Tempranillo grape as their brush to create wines which are full of character and authenticity.

Campo Viejo and Okuda & Remed are bringing ‘live uncorked’ to the streets of major cities around the world with a series of #StreetsofColour events. We invite you to enjoy the artistry of our wines and the creation of urban artwork.

To find events near you, contact us.

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