Meet our team of winemakers passionate about Rioja winemaking.

Winemaker Elena Adell

Elena Adell

Chief Winemaker

Elena Adell was born in Logroño in 1958 and has been involved in winemaking since 1985. She started working with Campo Viejo in 1998.

The granddaughter of a grower, she studied Agricultural Science at university, specialising in viticulture and oenology. In her own words, “It was virtually inevitable that I would end up with vines and wines”.

Adell says she sets out to make singular wines with their own personality. “I believe wine is something to be enjoyed with company. It’s an essential part of celebrations, when you want to share a joyful occasion or a quiet dinner with friends. My aim is to make wines that add a special touch to any occasion, wines that make you feel like drinking another glass.”

An expert in Rioja winemaking, Elena Adell has an unmatched experience in working with Tempranillo. Her aim is to discover new ways to create interesting, expressive wines that best showcase the vibrancy of Rioja and Tempranillo. “I adore working with Tempranillo. It’s such a versatile grape. I love seeing the many different ways it can express its character in such a diverse range of wines.”

Few winemakers are lucky enough to help design the wineries in which they work but Elena was involved in the plans for the new Campo Viejo winery from the early stages, which has allowed her to create the ideal conditions to continue her love affair with Tempranillo. “This fabulous winery gives me a great platform to build on the values which have made Campo Viejo one of the world’s favourite Rioja.”

Winemaker Elena Suarez



Elena Suárez was born in Logroño and has long held a passion for winemaking. This passion led Suárez to obtain a degree in Superior Laboratory Technology, before completing a degree in Oenology at the University of La Rioja in 2017.

In 2017 whilst completing her studies, Suárez joined the Bodegas Campo Viejo team, supporting the Oenology team during the harvest season before joining the team permanently in 2019.

Winemaker Irene Perez



Irene Pérez Gutiérrez was born in Logroño and grew up in La Rioja. She studied Pharmacy at the University of Salamanca. After graduation, she followed her passion for the world of wine, she studied oenology in the University of La Rioja. While in the second year there, she completed her final project in Bodegas Campo Viejo.

After finishing her studies, Irene first worked in a traditional winery in Rioja before moving to another winery in the north of Rioja where she practiced her winemaking skills for 5 years. In early 2016, she joined the Campo Viejo winery, where she now works alongside Clara Canals and under the direction of Elena Adell.