Campo Viejo Reserva Pasión Ltd. Edition is the beginning of a new path of development in the relationship between Campo Viejo and the present, where art and wine have merged through the impulse of creation.

“inspired by the earth, the sky and the vineyards”

The artist, inspired by the earth, the sky and the vineyards, has generated a unique work of synaesthetic character that seeks to generate a symphony of sensations. In the intimacy of his studio and after his field work, he gave freedom to his creative process: “emotions and ideas were converging in strokes, brushstrokes and textures, the earth appeared abruptly in earth and ocher, the sky in a plastic way in all its chromatic range, sunsets and sunrises on the grape and all its colors” The touches and textures were appearing for several days, to give life to this work. From the plastic to the digital, the work was adapting to what would be its medium, the bottle, where it develops naturally through its shape, generating balance in its composition and the very creation of the wine and the artist.

Mrpiro Inspiration

“A wine that stands ouT”

Is a wine which stands out for its expressiveness. A wine that, indeed, vibrates in the same way as the work of Andrés Sánchez, aka Misterpiro, an artist known for his creative curiosity and expressionist language: full of color, textures and life. Sharing these same values and with Pasión as a common link between them, Misterpiro has design Reserva Pasión Ltd. Edition’s new bottle and label, capturing the contemporary and vibrant style of this special wine, created through an innovative oenologic philosophy.

Mrpiro Wine

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