Architecture Designed to create wine

When surveying the site for the new winery, architect Ignacio Quemada was struck by the natural beauty of the landscape. When he saw where the new winery would be built, his first thought was “What a beautiful place! Where do I put 45,000 sq.m. without ruining it?” His answer was simple: underground.

Quemada’s decision to build the new winery underground had two major benefits. First of all, it would naturally achieve the ideal conditions for making and ageing wine. And secondly, it made it possible to integrate the new winery within the landscape, which is so fundamental for the environment.

It is a perfect mix of an industrial need and architectural beauty and is best described by the creator himself: "On the one hand, the architecture addresses all the winemaking needs, but on the other one, it is a piece of architectural art".



Artisan Expertise

Our Winemaker Elena Adell travelled the world to study the industry’s best wineries. Her input into the design helped the creation of a modern winery which preserves the feel of working like wine artisans in a small chateau.

Building the winery underground was as visually spectacular as it was practical. Concealing the bulk of the structure underground has created naturally dark, serene areas with small amounts of natural light, which evokes the feeling of traditional Rioja wineries and allows our winemakers to work like artisans.

All of these features, combined with cutting-edge technology, allow us to enhance the potential of each grape all whilst giving us the opportunity to experiment and innovate. The result? Consistently higher quality wines year after year.


The Winery

A balance between oenology, architecture and sustainability

Having opened its doors in 2001, the new winery is a harmonious balance between winemaking, architecture and sustainability. These elements have come together to create a winemaking temple that remains on the cutting edge of the international wine industry today.

The new facility is a shared vision of an acknowledged Rioja architect, Ignacio Quemada, Campo Viejo’s Director of Operations, Fernando Pozo, and our Chief Winemaker, Elena Adell, who achieved a perfect balance between the three pillars supporting the winery.

Sustainability: for enjoyment of future generations:

Our new winery became the first and a one-of-a-kind production facility in Rioja which is grounded in the principles of sustainable development. This pioneering work demonstrates our continuous commitment to environment and sustainability.

Following the principles of sustainable agriculture and proficient process control allows us to work in a traditional way. It emphasises the different aspects of winemaking.

Campo Viejo was the first Spanish winery to certify its carbon footprint through AENOR, in accordance with ISO 14064 regulations – it’s a true reflection of our commitment to make our land a place to enjoy for generations to come.


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