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December 20, 2021


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With its fruity undertones, foamy egg white and bubbles in each sip, our Yuletide fizz brings out the colourful, celebratory spirit in everyone. A modern twist on an old favourite, a classic expression of Campo Viejo. Here’s how to make your own:


Units: Metric | Imperial(US)
  • ½ oz. or 15ml ½ oz. or 15ml Chivas Regal 12 (vanilla infused)
  • ½ oz. or 15ml ½ oz. or 15ml Sweet sherry
  • 1 oz. or 30ml 1 oz. or 30ml Spiced cranberry juice
  • ¼ oz. or 7.5ml ¼ oz. or 7.5mlFresh lemon juice
  • ¼ oz. or 7.5ml ¼ oz. or 7.5ml Egg-white (optional)
  • 3 oz. or 90ml 3 oz. or 90ml Campo Viejo Cava Brut Rosé
  • Dried fruits (cherries, raisins, cranberries)
  • Ice


Add Chivas Regal, sherry, spiced cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice and egg white into a shaker along with a scoop of ice.
Shake passionately for at least 20 seconds, to infuse the bold, vibrant flavours.
Strain mixture into a coupette glass and top with Campo Viejo Cava Brut Rosé.
To garnish, skewer dried fruits and place into glass, then let the festivities begin.

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