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December 15, 2021
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‘Tis the season of festivities, generosity and celebrations! It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement, but if you’re looking to get crafty, check out these 3 simple DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

Eco-friendly and inspired by our wine bottles, they’ll be sure to make a colourful impression to your décor this festive season.

Wine cork bauble

With a little creativity, these DIY wine cork bells add just the right dose of Christmas cheer to your tree or door.

campoviejo_DIY_cork tree


What you need:

  • Corks
  • Ribbon
  • Baubles or bells
  • Crafting wire
  • Pliers


  1. Poke a hole all the way through. This can be quite tough so use your muscles. Turn cork and poke through the hole to the other side to ensure a nice clean passage.
  2. Thread the gold wire through the hole, make a loop and attach a bauble – you can use any bauble as long as it’s not too heavy. Thread both ends of the wire back into the cork to secure it.
  3. Grab your pre-made bow (or make one using a ribbon of your choice), using a wire tie, secure the ribbon above the bauble below the cork. Snip away excess wire tie.
  4. Using the remaining wire at the top of the cork, create a loop and hang from your tree.

Wine bottle lights

Put your Campo Viejo wine bottles to good use and create a merry and bright atmosphere in your home with this simple and sustainable light bottle.



What you need:

  • Empty wine bottles
    Christmas string lights


  1. Clean out wine bottles and leave to dry.
  2. Feed strands of twinkly lights into bottles for a beautiful year-round display.

Cork tree

All it takes is a splash of colour and a little creativity to make these mini wine cork trees.



What you need:

  • Wine corks
  • Paint
  • Hot glue gun or strong craft glue


  1. Pick a few corks to paint and let dry.
  2. Once dry, assemble wine corks in the shape of a Christmas tree/triangle. Make sure to keep two corks aside for the base/trunk.
  3. One-by-one, add a line of glue to the places where the wine corks touch each other. Leave to dry for a few hours.
  4. Glue remaining two corks at the bottom of the tree and let dry.
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