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December 15, 2021
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With the right mood and a few bottles of Campo Viejo, you’d be surprised how fun hosting a viewing party with friends can get. With snacks, wine and games, staying in for a tv or movie night is going to be your new favourite way to spend a winter weekend.

All it takes is a little planning and a lot of room for spontaneity to make a night in with friends memorable. Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions to help you add some colour to your indoor gathering.

Keep it cosy

How do you make a long night of watching TV as cosy as it can be? To start, let guests know it’s totally acceptable to come in loungewear or pyjamas and since they’ll be sitting for hours, make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit. Setting up a cosy space may mean rearranging furniture to make way for additional seating, or adding in extra tables to serve as snack stations.

If you don’t have a big sofa, bring some chairs from another room into the space, or pile up cushions or pillows for some floor seating. Keep it cosy all round by adding extra throws and blankets. Guests are likely to move around as the night goes on, but if you have enough options, they’ll find a way to get comfortable.

Snacks and sips

Before you press play and settle in, pour everyone and yourself a glass of Campo Viejo Tempranillo. It’s one of our favourites and it goes with almost any meal while still retaining its flavour.

If the theme of the night suits, serve sparkling Cava for a little more sophistication. With Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva or Rosé, you could even serve up a specialty cocktail in between shows – we’d recommend our Pear and Cinnamon Bellini as it’s simple to prepare and serve throughout the night.

As for food, the easiest way to have plentiful options with minimum effort is to get your guests involved by having them contribute a dish. Here’s where you can have a little fun get a little creative by picking a theme that relates to the show or movie you’re watching. Just make sure to delegate whose bringing what so the spread has a bit of everything.

However, if you choose to make the food yourself, you can still get friends involved by creating a communal dish like paella. A selection of tapas is another great option since it allows everyone to eat little bites throughout the night.

Just as tapas is the ultimate sharing option, Tempranillo is the wine to pair it with. For a cosy winter tapa, nothing beats a big pot of Albondigas (Spanish meatballs). While it simmers on the stove, having an easy to prepare tapa like Spanish Jamón, Queso y Chorizo con Pan (Ham, Cheese, Chorizo and Bread) is perfect to pass around and nibble on during opening credits.

Snacks are key to maintaining your binge-watching stamina, plus friends will want to keep munching even after the end of dinner, so why not provide a station with some cheeses and easy finger foods like flavoured popcorn.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not elevate classic popcorn with a Spanish twist. Over hot buttered popcorn, add a few shakes of cumin and smoked paprika for tasty savoury snack. For a churro inspired option, sprinkle in some sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat.

Break up it up with games

You may have a list of shows, delicious food, good friends, and plenty of wine flowing, but an activity can get the party rolling into an unforgettable night. What better way to rest your eyes and stretch your legs after hours of staring at a screen than over a session of board games? We think it’s a great activity to complement your party and eep the conversation going. You can even get friends in the competitive spirit by putting up a bottle of Campo Viejo Reserva as a prize.

At the end of the day, viewing parties are all about having fun and sharing in the joy of watching your favourite shows or movies together, so putting in a little work and creativity can pay off in a big way. So, invite your favourite friends over and have a cosy, colourful and fun night in.

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