Vibrant Spain


Three ways to #Liveuncorked for a vibrant 2019

For us, 2019 is another year we can #LiveUncorked and celebrate our lives that is full of expression, vividness and passion. So, in the spirit of #LiveUncorked, here’s three trends that match the Campo Viejo way of life and will give more vibrancy to your life in 2019.

1. Live with more colour

Since our homes have such an effect on how we feel, why not perk up a room or living space with a splash of colour? One of our favourites is yellow, and it’s not just us who think it’ll be the vibrant colour of the year. At New York Fashion Week, editors and critics highlighted the different shades of yellow cropping up on runways throughout many spring 2019 collections.

It’s no surprise that yellow is widely known to evoke happiness. In almost every shade, it reminds us of something positive. It’s the colour of sunshine. Even a dash of condiment colour brightens a hearty winter’s roast. It stands for freshness, positivity, clarity, energy and optimism.

So, how do you bring it into your life? When decorating at home, tangy yellows and zesty orange add fresh-squeezed style and a splash of Spain to any interior or exterior space. Even mustard yellow is having a comeback moment. It’s sunny enough to make an impact but neutral enough not to overwhelm the senses.

When styling with yellow, take it for a test run by decorating in smaller doses at first with accent cushions, throws or wall art. It’ll add a dash of colour to your space and bring the warmth of summer to midweek gatherings, just like a glass of our Reserva.

2. Challenge yourself to be more eco-friendly

When the last bottle of wine has been finished off, and all that is left are the memories of a colourful soiree or spectacular birthday party, we can always find a creative way to be eco-friendly. Even the smallest part of Campo Viejo bottles can be put to good use. From coasters to stamps, there’s so many things the humble wine cork can be used for.

Cork is biodegradable, sustainable and 100% natural. So rather than feeling guilty about throwing them in the bin and seeing them end up in a landfill, save up your corks for a rainy-day project.

A simple, eco-friendly touch you can add to your next event is to repurpose corks into name holders, or to identify tasty treats or refreshing cocktails. All you have to do is cut a slit across the top of the cork and slide in your guest’s name. And if you’ve had a big gathering, with a hundred corks you could even make an eco-chic bath mat.

3. Be bold with flavour

Spicy, sassy and just slightly sweet, ginger is a trending ingredient on Pinterest. Just like our wines, ginger hums of warmth and wakes up the tastebuds. Ginger also has a long list of health benefits from fighting indigestion to boosting immunity. Its soothing quality can chase away even the coldest winter chill.

Not to mention it’s incredibly versatile. So, it’s time to get creative and be spontaneous. Throw it in your smoothie, grate some on a stir fry, or mix it in a soup. Ginger is also particularly good to add into baked goods for a spur-of-the-moment delicious experience.

For example, a simple treat like a chocolate ginger tart or even a lemon-ginger cake can brighten up the next feast you plan on having with your friends. Not to mention it pairs wonderfully with a glass of Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva or our classic Tempranillo.

No matter what #LiveUncorked means to you, we hope you’ll join us in the fun. We’d love to see your colourful celebrations this year so don’t forget to tag us @campoviejo on Instagram.

Cheers to more spontaneity, joy and colour in 2019!